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”VIDHATA” Multi-crop Threshers are capable of running with Electric Motor as well as Diesel Engine and are compatible with tractor from 2 HP to 40 HP. These threshers are suitable for threshing crops like wheat, maize, sorghum, grains, sunflower, ragi, millets, mustard & pulses etc.

”VIDHATA” Multi-crop Threshers consists of crop feeding chute, threshing cylinder having stud type beaters/ blades blowers, set of sieves, sieve casing, flywheel, pulleys, main shaft high quality bearings, grain and straw outlet etc. Different variants available for these threshers are - self-feeding chute, double blower, double speed, etc.

Beater studs separate the grains and the blades of the threshing cylinder. Chaff and dust, along with other impurities are winnowed away by the blower. The clear grain is collected through sieves, which are changeable depending on the crop to be threshed. Extra fan cleans the grains. Special ‘worm attachment’ is fixed to grain outlet, to collect grains in tractor trolley.


  • Robust Construction.
  • 50% extra output then other threshers.
  • High quality material like steel, bearings, pulleys, V-belts etc.
  • Provision of adjusting the cylinder and concave.
  • Provision of wheels for easy transportation.
  • Provision for speed variation for different crops.
  • Extra safety covers are provided over pulleys, flywheel. V-belts to avoid any accident.
  • More efficiency resulting in better performance in less fuel consumption.
  • Stringently inspected components by the qualified engineers before fitment.


“VIDHATA “Power thresher is machine, which threshes the crop, prepares bhusa/HAY, and separates grain from bhusa with or without bagging arrangements. It can be used as multi crop thresher after attachments or detachments of certain parts. The 40 H.P power threshers are becoming increasingly popular operated by tractor.

The thresher consists of seed and frame. The crop to be threshed is feeding trough auto feed system that is most advanced system recently made that is automatic roto vator type that is drive anticlockwise and drum rotate clockwise with the help of new gear system developed to reach to the threshing drum, cylindrical in shape. The drum rotates at 740 rpm and are of peg type. in which bolts are used on the periphery of the drum. The crop is threshed by the impact and rubbing action between the drum and concave. The threshed bhusa and grain falls on the screen through slide plate, but bhusa being lighter is sucked by the blower and thrown out. The shaking or oscillating action of the screen along with stream of air separates and cleans the grain. With Vidhata triple action cleaning that include one wxtra fan on the sieve with a pipe attachment that blow all the hay and sand and impurities very quickly. The clean grain is collected and elevated to required height for bagging.

The thresher can thresh different crops like wheat, barley, gram, pea, jowar, bajra, mustard sorghum, millet and sunflower, maize etc. by little adjustments or replacements. That are all available with our standerd accessories that make our Vidhata Thresher a real multicrop.



  • ISI Mark for Safety.
  • Threshing system consists of the threshing rotor, grill & separating sieve.
  • Removal of the Grains from the ears, pods etc. without damaging the grain & separating grain from straw. Straw is broken into small pieces & discharged through main blower & grain is collected in bags through eccentric vibrating sieve.
  • High Output: more than 3 ton/hr, when threshing Sorghum.
  • PLow Fuel consumption of Tractor.
  • Two Heavy Fly Wheel about 120 Kg each for balance.
  • Low Lobor requirement : 1 men to feed.
  • Simple Straightforword design, easy to operate and maintain.
  • Can be easily transportated with tyres 600x16 rubber.
  • The specially designed threshing drum for this multi-crop thresher makes it best suitable for soyabena crop.
  • Large Thresher Drum Size 36 x 36 Inch.
  • Three Fan System.
  • Three Seive functionality.
  • THE FLY WHEEL MOUNTED ON BEARING imported from korea.
  • 99.99 % clean grain.
  • Thresher Drum made out of (12 ) gauge M.S sheet.
  • Total length of threshing Drum and Thrower 60 inch & is also provided with fan of 12" x 36" size on the Main shaft to blow out the unwanted material of big size & empty grains out of the crop in the threshing drum.
  • Thresher cylinder have (90-120) Beaters which are bolted on the thresher cylinder angles with adjustable height.
  • Machine Main shaft is of 3" dia.
  • Machine drive shaft of 2" dia with 2 bearing of 6309 & 6309 fitted on (65 x 65 x 6)mm angle frame moving on a pin having the facility to tight the 3-V-belts of C-Section used to drive the thresher.
  • Thresher is provided with fly wheel on the main shaft for covering jerk loads.
  • The approximate weight of the Thresher is not less than 1600 Kg.
  • The P.T.O shaft used to drive the thresher is made of adjustable length using(50 x 50 x 6)mm angle pipe with 2 universal joints.
  • 1+2 Extra Blower is provided at the end of the sieve to blow out the unwanted material coming in the sieve for extra cleaning.
  • Heavy good quality V-belt pulleys are used and proper depth of V-grove is made to increase the grip and life of belt.
  • Machine hook height is adjustable which can be adjusted according to the height of tractor hook & is also provided with folding feeding frame.
  • Machine is fitted with New Tyres of 6 x 19 or 6 x 16 size on the option of the customer on 45 mm sq. M.S. rod Axle with good quality Hubs & Rims.
  • All the machine is fitted with good quality Nuts, Bolts and spring washers.


The scope of agriculture has increased with modernization, the useful animals related to agriculture are about to lapse and the use of agriculture implements are increasing to complete all agricultural activities in time. As and when we need some special agricultural implements for some particulars work, we discover the same. The farmers are using now a day’s modern agricultural implements which are operating by electric and tractors and the Thresher is one of them.

The use of thresher is to separate the wheat and bran from the grain. We use diesel engine, motor driven by electric or tractor to operate the thresher, main parts of the thresher are feeding truff, cylinder, windows, blowers and elevator etc.First of all we put the grain in feeding tuff which comes to the cylinder where are pegs and the dry grains convert in bran due to rounding and in this way wheat and bran seprated, and the bran come out by the blower due to light in weight and the wheat separately fell down due the heavy than the bran.


  • Please remove the dust etc.and check the nut bolt properly.
  • Please use grease/Mobil oil on the rounding parts and bearings.
  • Please fit the thresher on plain platform and straight the alignment. Please also check the speed and direction of movement after operating the thresher as per the direction of the manufacturers.
  • If use by electric please check the open wire and if cut any where please tape it and put the main switch and starter up from the earth and must be near to thresher operator, please also check that grain must be dry to escape the unnecessary load on the machine.


  • Always use trained and experienced labor to operate the thresher.
  • Please do not use wine, pan, gutkha, jarda, bidi, cigarette and hukka etc.when you work on thresher.
  • No adjustment need during the work on thresher.
  • Always wear tied cloths during the work on thresher.
  • Please arrange enough light during the work on thresher.
  • Please use sparking control system on the mouth of smoke pipe of tractor and engine.
  • If you feel the overload of thresher during the running, tractor/engine to be closed due to overload of thresher, please stop the thresher and clean the same after the open the cover of cylinder and then re-start. If you feel repeated problem, please check the probable reason and start the thresher after removing the problem.
  • Please do not stand on thresher when you use the thresher and do not across the belt when thresher operated.
  • Please do not supply the farm by hand in fiddling tuff and use the handle to push the grain in fiddling tuff.



  • Due to slow speed of cylinder, not proper fillip the fiddling truff; please check the distance between concave and cylinder.
  • Grain come with the bran due to slow speed of blower and jail not fitted properly, for improvement please change the pulley and check the speed of blower and adjust the slove of jail by way of adjust the nut and bolt.


  • Due to fast speed of cylinder, less distance between concave and cylinder and overflow/underflow of grains in the machine, for improvement speed must be proper as per instructions, confirm proper distance between concave and cylinder and feed the grains properly.


  • Grain comes out with the bran due to fast speed of fan, for improvement please check the speed of blower.
  • Sometimes whole of the upper jail were closed due to non proper solve of the jail or small in size. Due to this reason grains come out with the bran, for improvement please clear the jail and also use proper jail as per requirement and also use proper pulley.


Due to extra farm than the size, loose belting, slow speed of cylinder and due to wet farm cylinder chocked. For improvement proper farm must be used as per size and tied the belt and improve the cylinder speed and must thresh dry farms.


It comes due to not proper fitting of the various parts of the thresher with the frame, depreciation in parts and due to misbalanced of fly wheel. So please check and properly tied all parts with the frame and change the depreciated parts and properly balanced fly wheel.