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"VIDHATA" Paddy thresher consists of worm type threshing cylinder, Oscillating box, winnowing and cleaning attachment, feeding chute etc. The body is made of high quality steel and sheets to withstand maximum wear and tear. These threshers can be operated both with motor and diesel engine tractors.

During threshing the paddy crop's straw is separated from grain by worm type cylinder. The straw is thrown out from the machine with the help of blower. Other impurities like dust/dirt are thrown out through other outlet. Extra blower is provided for cleaning of grains, which clears the left-over impurities.

Our PADDY THRESHER is also available with the straw walkers. In these threshers, straw is thrown back by straw walkers.


  • Robust Construction.
  • All varieties of paddy, Wheat, Ragi, Bajra, Maize can threshed.
  • Power requirement : 7.5 H.P. & 10 H.P. Diesel Engine or Electric Motor.
  • Change efficiency : 100%.
  • Damage : Less Than 1.0% by Weight.
  • Fuel Consumption : About 2 - 2.5 liters / ton.
  • Minimum labour : Only three to thresh, collect and bag.
  • Provision for adjusting the cylinder and concave.
  • Easy to maintain and operate.
  • Provision of wheels for easy transport.
  • Profitable for hiring purpose.
  • Rice grains do not break during threshing.
  • Two Blowers, one on the main shaft & other over the sieves are provided to get the impurity free rice output.
  • Other Listed Features are as given below.

Provision for speed variance for different crops as the table.


  • Husk does not break into small pieces. Full length husk comes out of the blower.
  • Full length husk can be used as packing material for glass articles and this is in great demand.
  • Drum is closed type with thick gauge of sheet and clamp with a detachable flat system.