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Welding Generator New “Vidhata” WELDART Technology


Welding set that can be used on sites where there is no electricity…
  • Alternating Current (AC)
  • Welding Rate: Normal :200 Amp., 250 Amp. & 400 Amp. .
  • Vidhata Diesel engine 10, 12 & 22 H.P
  • Engine cooling water or air cooled
  • Starting – Electric start / Manual hand cranking.
  • Battery charging – 12 Volt dynamo
  • Engine safety high engine temp or LOP uto shut off
  • Amp. meter
  • Max ø rod: 6 mm
  • Auxillary Output: 4kw – 230v (with Circuit Breaker).
  • Alternator Semi Brushless.
  • With current controller remote.
  • AVAILABLE IN A.C. OR D.C Current
  • Open Type Frame & Canopy / Trailer type available
  • Heavy-duty, field-provide design for long life.
  • Four way welding voltage regulator.
  • Low or high current usage switch.
  • Environmental protection for adverse conditions.
  • Short circuit protector 10 Amp. Fuse in control panel.
  • Diesel Engine Air or Water Cooling Optional.
  • 2000 Watt. 230 Volts External Output.
  • Hand Cranking as well as 12 Volt electric start optional.
  • Hand Cranking as well as 12 Volt electric start optional.
  • Battery charger 12 Volt Dynamo type or electronic(Optional).
  • A. C. Welding Current suitable to run 12/10/08 No Rod continuously and 06 no Rod when in need.
SPECIFICATIONS : Twin Operation with full long run time. Essential for welding on construction sites not supplied with electricity. Weldart welding sets are practica, easily transportable and operational in record time. They can also be used as auxiliary generating sets for the supply of electricity. When choosing your welding set, you have to take 3 essential criteria into account USE : Your choice will first of all depend on the frequency of the use you will make of your welding set. Occaisional Use: For intermitent use, you should choose a set that welds using AC (Alternating Current). Intensive Use: To weld using all types of electrodes and on highly technical materials you should choose a set that welds using direct current. Types of Electrode: Each welding set offers you the choice of a variety of electrodes, which is essential to specify before selecting your machine.
  • Rutile: An electrode for general use which is very flexible in use.
  • Cellulose: An electrode suitable for downward welding.
  • Basic: An electrode for top security technical assembly. This use is recommened for parts under significant mechanical strain. It requires welding under direct current (DC).
  • The maximum diameter of the welding rods is also an important criteria when selecting your Weldart set, do not forget to take this into account.
Auxillary Power: All Weldart welding sets are capable of producing current through their auxillary outlets. They can be used as standard electricity generating sets and the choice of model for this function is subject to the same criteria as the other electricity generating sets in the Vidhata Portable Power range.
Weldart Open RangeType:MODEL WL 250 / WL 400/ WL 600
Run Time:7 hrs./ 15 hrs.
Tank:10 Lit/ 20 Lit
Auxillary Source:230v2 Kw / 4 kw
Welding Rate:
Normal200 / 400 / 600 Amp.
Adjustments:Amp Min / Max60 – 400 Amps
Current:AC / dc
Rods:ø Mini Maxi mm1.6 – 5.2
All TypesNo
Maximum Starting Current:55 V
Nominal:25 V
EEC Noise Level:
dB(A) @ 7m:85
Dimensions L x W x H in cm:112x65x130
Weight in Kg:150/ 370 / 600
Options:Trolley Kit :Optional
Welding Kitoptional
AC Welding Set Leveraging on our long experience in the field, we produce a wide assortment of AC welding sets. These AC welding sets are made with supreme quality raw materials. Our range is demanded in pipe line welding, Road Construction etc and others. The specifications of the range are given below:
  • Type-Slipring and Semi brushless (rotating field)
  • Range 200 to 400 AMP
  • Dual function-Welding and Single phase light (2.0 KVA to 5.0 KVA)
  • Smooth welding control
  • Low diesel design
These welding genset are best available in economy range in India, which can help small and medium scale workshop owners do perform their daily routine work efficiently with out increasing the load of main line current, and these welding set technology perform very good in long cource of time with out any burning or parts requirements, These welding genset can easily cut metal from 2 or 3 mm ROD , its also called metal cutting machines which are portable and provision of taking high and low current output with regulator to select the current power, one 10 Amp. Fuse provided for sort circuit protection

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